Thread Disk Software For Tapered Threads - Floating Site License Agreement 10 Users


Gagemaker's TDWIN Taper software program provides all the necessary API specifications that control connection quality. TDWIN Taper produces dimensional drawings and inspection data for API downhole tubular connectors based on the latest industry standards. All the necessary details to machine, inspect and document tubular connection threads are available in one indispensable program.

TDWIN Taper Software includes information for both preferred and non‐preferred Rotary Shouldered Connections, Tubing and Casing Connections, and any combination of Crossover. The program provides standard connection types and sizes. It displays detailed connection drawings, inspection gage information, and setup and inspection reports.

The software displays dimensional drawings suitable for manufacturing. Both Pin and Box drawings can be printed. The drawings comply with ASME Y14.5 standards for industry compatibility. The TDWIN Taper Software allows the user to print gage setup and inspection reports with your company logo and work order information. All reports and jobs can be saved for future reference.

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