Steel Plain Ring Gages - Metric - 292.351mm-311.40mm

Thread Check Inc. offers a full range of plain cylindrical ring gages for Go/No Go gaging and as masters. Plain ring gages are ideal for inspecting outside diameters of manufactured parts. With Go/No Go ring gages, an inspector can quickly pass/fail parts without taking time consuming readings from a measuring instrument. Plain ring gages are also ideal for use as masters for setting bore gages, air gages, and internal micrometers. By using the same size master ring gage, lead error on measurements can be eliminated. Ring gages are available in class XX thru class ZZ gagemaker tolerances. Ring Gages are available in quality tool steel, chrome, carbide and ceramic materials. Ring gages are manufactured in accordance with ANSI specification B89.1.6 ‐ 1981. Gage blanks meet all requirements of B47.1 ‐ 1981. Roundness and taper of all ring gages will not exceed 50% of the applicable gagemaker’s size tolerance and are non‐accumulative.

Steel Go Plain Ring Gage X 292.351mm-311.40mm