Standard Class X Go/No Go Assembly

Thread Check Inc. offers Vermont brand class X Go and NoGo plug gage assemblies which can be used to calibrate measuring equipment or to gage parts directly. Class X pin gage asemblies are accurate, cost effective measurement standards perfect for both the shop floor and metrology laboratory. All gages include a Certificate of Accuracy. Gages are available with Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST.

  • Class X
  • Go ( Plus ) or NoGo ( Minus ) Tolerance .000040” up to .8250”. .000060” from .8251” 1.000”
  • Sizes available every .0001” up to 1.000”
  • Single End and Double End Assemblies
  • Tool Steel; 60/62 Rc. ( Cold Stabilized )
  • 2.0” Lengths
  • 2 microinch finish or better
  • Within .000020” round
  • NIST traceable
  • Certificate of Accuracy included
Standard Class X Go/No Go Assembly - .8351"-1.000"-X-NOGO-S/E