Secrets of 5-Axis Machining (CD-ROM in PDF)


Secrets of 5‐Axis Machining goes over 5‐axis machining in simple terms which field professionals will appreciate and understand with ease. Included, are colorful, detailed and informative graphics that will help to explain relevant theories and principles, information that will allow operators, programmers and those interested in multiaxis machining to learn and understand its ins and outs and unbiased, no‐nonsense description of 5‐axis machining that has been culled from the author’s 30 years of manufacturing industry experience. 

Please note: This product includes a CD containing AVI files, high quality illustrations and sample parts. The CD‐ROM is compatible with most Microsoft Windows operating and requires Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. Though the CD‐ROM should operate with corresponding Windows‐compatible hardware it is not compatible with smart phones and tablets.

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More Information
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