Optical Comparator 3500 Series - S-T Industries with Quadra-Chek 220 - 14 in.


Optical Comparator 3500 Series ‐ Features

The "3500" Series 14" benchtop horizontal beam is the perfect general purpose optical comparator. Its high accuracy and compact size make it the choice of even the most demanding user. The unique, granite‐like housing offers a rugged appearance to this fine instrument. The stage features hardened and precision ground bearing ways. The "3500" Series features a 5 minute vernier.

  • High precision 4" x 10" travel measuring stage with .00005"/.001mm resolution precision glass scales. Quick release with fine adjust on X‐axis. 50‐lb load capacity.
  • Quick change mount for factory preset magnification lenses.
  • Hardened steel, nickel‐plated workstage for long life and corrosion resistance.
  • Tungsten/halogen profile illumination for bright, sharp images at all magnifications.
  • Duplex fiber optic surface illumination.
  • Vernier Screen Protractor reading to 5'.
  • Optional digital screen protractor with readings to 1' or .01°.
  • Helix +/‐ 6° via lamphouse displacement.
  • Heavy‐duty steel chassis.
  • Fully useable 14" diameter screen.

Digital Readout:

Optical Comparator 3500 Series - S-T Industries with Quadra-Chek 220 - 14 in.

Quadra‐Chek® 220

This powerful digital readout provides fast geometric computations in a simple, easy‐to‐use format. Functions include point, line, circle, distance, angle, skew alignment and Measure Magic. Other features include Inch/MM, Cartesian/Polar, nearest/farthest distance, complementary angles, serial and parallel ports and 200‐feature memory. Large, high‐contrast LCD screen graphically displays measurement features and construction. Housing tilts backward or forward for best angle of operation.