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Rotary Thread Inspection Tool - Order here

Patent No. 7661196
The patented Rotary Thread Inspection Tool accurately inspects internal screw threads for functional size and depth faster and easier than conventional methods. The unique Rotary Thread Inspection Tool safely checks internal threads while eliminating operator arm and hand fatigue and repetitive motion injuries. The instrument features a portable and ergonomic design engineered for industrial applications. The unit is supplied with high performance rechargeable NIMH "quick change" batteries that provide long lasting hours of operation. It also includes a patented depth control feature with automatic reversal.

Safely Inspect Parts
Out of Tolerance parts are instantly recognized. If the thread is undersized, damaged, not deep enough, or has foreign matter in the thread the gage will stop advancing into the threaded hole. This prevents damage to the part and excessive wear to the thread gage. To remove the gage, simply press the reverse button.

Eliminates Repetitive Motion Injury
The power driven gage eliminates all operator wrist motion, arm stress, hand fatigue, and repetitive motion injuries. The Rotary Thread Inspection Tool is ergonomically designed and light weight.

The Rotary Thread Inspection Tool accepts both standard and custom size thread taper lock style plug gages. Changing gage sizes is fast and easy. The tool accommodates a size range from #8 (.164) up to ¾". Other sizes can be priced upon request.

Depth Control
The Rotary Thread Inspection Tool includes a patented depth control feature that allows for the setting of a specified length or depth for the gage to travel before automatically reversing and exiting the threaded part.

Instant feedback
The Rotary Thread Inspection Tool features an "accepted" green light which indicates when the specified depth is reached before automatically reversing the gage out of the threaded part.

Power Source
The Rotary Thread Inspection Tool is powered by a special 9v Lithium rechargeable battery with a rating of 550 mAh. The battery powers the tool for up to 4 hours under normal use. The battery recharge time is 2-3 hours using the supplied charging station which charges 2 batteries at a time. The complete kit is supplied with 3 batteries for continuous use.

Technical Specifications

  • Unit Dimensions
    • Weight: 12 oz.
    • Length: 11 inches
    • Diameter: 1-11/32"
  • Battery Operated
    • Unit uses 1x 9v Lithium Battery, 550mAh Rechargeable
    • Single 9v battery lasts up to 4 hours of gauging time
  • Battery Charger
    • 110 volt charger
    • 2-3 hours to charge battery
    • Charges 2 batteries at a time
  • Motor Speed: 170 RPM
  • Unit is oil and water resistant
  • Adjustable Gauge Length or Depth Capacity
  • Automatic Reversing
  • LED "Accepted" Green Light Indicator
  • Torque Rated Load of the Tool is 11-1/2 oz. inch pounds.

Press Photos and Video

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Power Driven Thread Gaging

The Complete Kit $990.00

(Inspection gauges not included)

The kit includes the following:**

  • 1 Rotary Thread Inspection Tool
  • 3 ea. Batteries, 9v
  • 1 ea. Battery Charger, 2-Cell Unit
  • 4 ea. Taper Lock Extensions for gauge tapers 0, 1, 2, and 3.
  • 8 ea. Length Limit Collars, for thread gauge sizes 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8"
  • 1 ea. 1/16 Allen Socket Key Set
  • 1 ea. Spanner Tool for Length Limit Collars
  • 1 ea. Taper Lock Removal Tool

Important Note:
** Thread Plug Gages are sold separately. Click here for information.

Please note the Rotary Thread Inspection Tool fits taper sizes 0, 1, 2, , and 3. The included taper lock extensions will accommodate thread plug gages from #8(.164) through 3/4". Other taper lock extensions and plug gages are priced on request.

Power Driven Thread Gaging

Patent No. 7661196

Taperlock Thread Gaging Specifications

Taperlock Thread Gaging Specifications

Available Power Driven Thread Gaging

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