Optical Comparators and Accessories

Optical comparators have been used for over 50 years and are considered a versatile technology for monitoring the quality and tolerances of a broad range of manufactured parts. These inspection machines project magnified images of parts against a glass screen using light, lenses, and mirrors. This enables technicians to make 2-dimensional measurements.

For over 70 years, ST Industries has produced measuring products for manufacturing applications. Their reputation rests not only on the quality of their products, but also upon their manufacturing processes. Every SCHERR-TUMICO optical component is not mass produced, but individually hand-crafted, then quality-control tested through each step of the process. The company guarantees that every instrument produced is reliable and proven. Despite this attention to detail, every component is competitively-priced. ST Industries’ high-quality Optical comparators and accessories are available through Thread Check Inc. A large selection of automatic and video inspection equipment is available in our online catalog.

Cost Effective and Precise Optical Comparators

ST Industries’ SCHERR-TUMICO optical comparators are designed to provide the best value for your investment. SCHERR-TUMICO optical comparators are offered in a wide range from small economical machines to large CNC measuring systems. S-T Industries has incorporated many innovative features into its products. Exclusive Gothic arch ballways provide the ultimate in accuracy, strength, and durability.

SCHERR-TUMICO’s 30-inch comparators are fitted with large castors so that they can be easily moved by a single person. All CNC products have digital positioning systems that allow table movements of one micron. In addition, every optical comparator has been proudly made in the USA in ST Industries’ Minnesota plant.

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