MT-4000 ROI Calculator

  • Delivers the highest accuracy in a controlled environment.
  • Tracks & retrieves gage history, certifications, calibration dates and renewal information
  • Calibrates your ring and plug gages regularly with TDWIN™ thread calculation software
  • Produces computerized digital readouts, calibration reports and certificates
  • Avoids calibration service “turnaround times” by having your own system in place
  • Offers a huge variety of accessories for unmatched versatility in measurement capabilities
  • Accuracies to .00005″ (.508 µ ) traceable to the NIST
  • Ultra Precision Scale with 1.00″ Travel and Resolution of .00001″
  • Houses Two Precision Optical Glass Scales Enabling its Precision Measuring Capability
  • Includes Receiver Pads and Anvils that are Manufactured and Precision Ground to .00001″
  • Electronic Adjustable Measurement Master with Ranges from 0″ to 12″ (Units Up to 60″ Ranges)
  • Dell Desktop Computer with CERTIFI™Calibration Software which Produces Calibration Reports, ReCal Stickers and Gage Usage History
  • Adjustable Tilt Support Table to Accommodate Many Applications
  • Assortment of Fixtures to Hold Various Types of Gages During Calibration
  • Provides Critical Thread Dimensions for Manufacturing & Inspection using TDWIN™ Software
  • Documented Calibration Procedures for Your Lab
  • Requires Closely Monitored Environment held at 68°F with relative humidity not to exceed 50%

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