MT-3000 ROI Calculator

  • Delivers high accuracy in a variety of environments including the shop floor
  • Serves as a setting master for gages produced by various manufacturers
  • Provides fast, accurate dimensional part measurements
  • Ensures measurement repeatability from operator to operator using force lok accessory
  • Calibrates hand-held gages in-house for faster turnaround
  • Accuracies to .0001″ (2.54µ) traceable to the NIST
  • Resolution of .00005″
  • State of the Art Assembly of Internal Glass Scale, Precision Linear Bearing and a Set of Precisely Lapped Measuring Blocks
  • Electronic Adjustable Measurement Master with Ranges from 0″ to 12″ (Units Up to 60″ Ranges)
  • Digital Readout Provides Measurement Reading in Inch or Metric
  • Durable Construction Allows Use in Practically Any Environment
  • Unique Force Lok feature available if you plan to measure parts or calibrate certain standards. It improves repeatability from operator to operator
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