Mitutoyo - Sheet Metal Micrometers - Series 118


Measures thickness of sheet metal,paper, plastic, and rubber parts.
With Ratchet Stop for constant force.
With a standard bar except for 0‐25mm/0‐1" model.
IP65 water/dust protection (Series 389*). *Except for 389‐513
With digit counter (Series 189).
Supplied in fitted plastic case.


Origin‐set, Zero‐setting, Data hold, Data output, inch/mm conversion (inch/mm models)
Alarm: Low voltgage, Counting value composition error.

SKU Description Range Inch/Metric Accuracy A/B Each
118-101 0-25mm Sheet Metal MicrometersMechanicalGraduation .01mm 0-25mmMetric±4µm110/27.5mm
118-102 0-25mm Sheet Metal MicrometersMechanicalGraduation .01mma/b = 160/27.5mm 0-25mmMetric±4µm160/27.5mm
118-103 0-25mm Sheet Metal MicrometersMechanicalGraduation .01mma/b = 330/35mm 0-25mmMetric±5µm330/35mm
118-110 25-50mm Sheet Metal MicrometersMechanicalGraduation .01mm 25-50mmMetric±4µm165/27.5mm
118-114 0-25mm Sheet Metal MicrometersSpherical anvil and flat spindleMechanicalGraduation .01mma/b = 160/27.5mm 0-25mmMetric±4µm160/27.5mm
118-118 0-25mm Sheet Metal MicrometersSpherical anvil and spherical spindleMechanicalGraduation .01mma/b = 160/27.5mm 0-25mmMetric±4µm160/27.5mm
118-120 0-1in Sheet Metal MicrometersSpherical anvil spherical spindleMechanicalGraduation .0001"a/b = 6.3in/1.08in 0-1inInch±.00026.3in/1.08in
118-129 0-1in Sheet Metal MicrometersMechanicalGraduation .0001"a/b = 6.3in/1.08in 0-1inInch±.00026.3in/1.08in
119-202 0-25mm Sheet Metal MicrometersSpherical anvil and flat spindleMechanicalGraduation .01mmw/50mm throat 0-25mmMetric±4µm50mm throat
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Additional Info

Technical Data:

Resolution*: 0.001mm or .00005"/0.001mm
Graduation**: 0.01mm, .001" or .0001"
Flatness: 0.6im/.000024" for models with 150mm/6" throat
1im/.00004" for models with 300mm/12" throat
Parallelism: 3im/.00012"
Measuring faces: Carbide tipped
Display*: LCD
Battery*: SR44 [1pc. (2pcs.: 389-513 and 389-713)], 938882
Battery life*: Approx. 1.2 years under normal use
(1.8 years: 389-513 and 389-713)
Dust/Water protection level*:IP65
*Digital models**Analog models

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