Mitutoyo - Point Micrometers - Series 342


IP65 water/dust protection (Series 342)
Pointed spindle and anvil for measuring the web thickness of drills, small grooves, keyways, and other hard‐to‐reach dimensions.
15 degree and 30 degree measuring points are available.
The measuring points (carbide‐tipped) have approximately 0.3mm/.012" radius.
With Ratchet Stop for constant force.
With SPC output (Series 342).
With digial counter (Series 142).
With a standard bar except 0‐25mm and 0‐1" model.
Supplied in fitted plastic case.


Origin‐set, Zero‐setting, Data hold, inch/mm conversion(inch/mm models)
Alarm: Low voltage, counting value composition error"

SKU Description Range Mass Point Each
342-251-30 0-25mm Point Micrometerw/15°Digital w/SPC output 0-25mm330g15°
342-252-30 25-50mm Point Micrometerw/15°Digital w/SPC output 25-50mm470g15°
342-253-30 50-75mm Point Micrometerw/15°Digital w/SPC output 50-75mm625g15°
342-254-30 75-100mm Point Micrometerw/15°Digital w/SPC output 75-100mm565g15°
342-261-30 0-25mm Point Micrometerw/30°Digital w/SPC output 0-25mm330g30°
342-262-30 25-50mm Point Micrometerw/30°Digital w/SPC output 25-50mm470g30°
342-263-30 50-75mm Point Micrometerw/30°Digital w/SPC output 50-75mm625g30°
342-264-30 75-100mm Point Micrometerw/30°Digital w/SPC output 75-100mm565g30°
342-351-30 0-1in / 0-25.4mm Point Micrometerw/15°Digital w/SPC output 0-1in/0-25.4mm330g15°
342-352-30 1-2in / 25.4-50.8mmPoint Micrometerw/15°Digital w/SPC output 1-2in/25.4-50.8mm470g15°
342-353-30 2-3in / 50.8-76.2mmPoint Micrometerw/15°Digital w/SPC output 2-3in/ 50.8-76.2mm625g15°
342-354-30 3-4in / 76.2-101.6mm Point Micrometerw/15°Digital w/SPC output 3-4in/76.2-101.6mm565g15°
342-361-30 0-1in / 0-25.4mm Point Micrometerw/30°Digital w/SPC output 0-1in/0-25.4mm330g30°
342-362-30 1-2in / 25.4-50.8mmPoint Micrometerw/30°Digital w/SPC output 1-2in/25.4-50.8mm470g30°
342-363-30 2-3in Point Micrometerw/30°Digital w/SPC output 2-3in/ 50.8-76.2mm625g30°
342-364-30 3-4in Point Micrometerw/30°Digital w/SPC output 3-4in/76.2-101.6mm565g30°
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Additional Info

Technical Data:

Resolution*: 0.001mm or .00005"/0.001mm
Graduation**: 0.01mm or .001"
Display*: LCD
Battery*: SR44 (1pc.) 938882
Battery life*: Approx. 1.2 years under normal use.
Dust/Water protection level*: IP65
*Digital Models**Analog Models

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