Materials Selection and Applications in Mechanical Engineering

Unlike any other text of its kind,  Materials Selection and Applications in Mechanical Engineering  contains complete and in‐depth coverage on materials of use, their principles, processing and handling details; along with illustrative examples and sample projects. It clearly depicts the needed topics and gives adequate coverage with ample examples so that ME students can appreciate the relevance of materials to their discipline.  Featuring the basic principles of materials selection for application in various engineering outcomes, the contents of this text follow those of the common first‐level introductory course in materials science and engineering. Directed toward mechanical engineering, it introduces the materials commonly used in this branch, along with an exhaustive description of their properties that decide their functional characteristics and selection for use, typical problems encountered during application due to improper processing or handling of materials, non‐destructive test procedures used in maintenance to detect and correct problems, and much more. What’s more, numerous examples and project‐type analyses to select proper materials for application are provided. With the use of this unique text, teaching a relevant second‐level course in materials to ME majors has never been easier!
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