Mahr Pocket Surf Portable Surface Roughness Gage - 5 μm radius - EMD-90010 Precision Specimen


A Pocket Surf Kit is furnished complete in a fitted case, and includes a Pocket Surf unit with a General Purpose Probe** and a 3.2 μm/ 125 μinch (nominal) Reference Specemin **, 9 Volt Battery Riser Plate and screwdriver. This individual kit includes a Probe 90° , 5 μm radius, EMD‐90010 Precision Specimen.

  • Pocket‐sized economically priced, completely portable instrument which performs traceable surface roughness measurements on a wide variety of surfaces; can be used confidently in production, on the shop floor and in the laboratory.
  • Solidly built, with a durable cast aluminum housing, to provide years of accurate, reliable surface finish gaging.
  • Can be used to measure any one of four, switch‐selectable, parameters: Ra , Rmax/Ry , Rz.
  • Selectable traverse length 1, 3 or 5 cut‐offs of 0.8 mm/.030 in.
  • Operates in any position ‐ horizontal, vertical, and upside down
  • Easy‐to‐read LCD readout presents the measured roughness value, in microinches or micrometers,
    within half a second after the surface is traversed.
  • Out‐of‐range (high or low) and "battery low" signals are also displayed.
  • Four switchable probe positions ‐ axial (folded) or at 90°, 180° or 270°
  • Even difficult‐to‐reach surfaces such as inside and outside diameters are accessible.
  • Integrated data output for SPC‐processing units that is compatible with the most common data processing systems.

Technical Data:

Parameters Traverse Length (Nominal) Evaluation Length Number Of Cutoffs/ Switch Position


2.0 mm/ .075" 3.5 mm/ .135"

0.8mm/ .030" 2.4 mm/.090"

1 3


3.5mm/ .135"

4.0mm/ .150"


Traverse speed

.08 mm/ .2"per second


0.8mm/ .030"ASME 2 RC‐filt

Probe Type


Maximum Stylus Forc

15.0 mN / 1500 mgf


Consumer‐type alkaline battery, 9 volt

Battery Capacity

Approx. 2500 Measurements, depending on frequency of use and output option


Available for fast delivery

Operating Temperature

10° to 45° / 50° to 113°F

Storage Temperature

‐20 to 65°C / ‐4° to 149° F

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