Mahr Multimar 36B - I.D/O.D Gage w/ "V" Plate and μMaxμm II


The economical way to check outside diameters on the shop floor. The 36B I.D./O.D. gage is offered with both the "T" plate and "V plate in the same package. Along with the system will be a 1087B Digital Indicator with latching ability (Min/Max) to save time with both the setup and the measuring process. When using the 1087B on the 36B gage you simply zero and look for your high and low on the master gage using the analog scale an re‐zero. Place the workpiece on the gage and press the blue start button and the indicator latches on the high or low depending if you're measuring I.D.'s or O.D.'s, and you're good to go.


  • Adjustable retraction of sensitive contact allows measurement of grooves and races. Retraction, normally set at 6 mm / 0.25", is adjustableto 10 mm / 0.40".
  • Frictionless reed‐spring (pantograph) motion transfer for repeatability.
  • Gaging pressure is adjustable from 0 ‐ 35 N / 0 ‐ 8 lb.
  • Adjustable base: Gage can be positioned on any angle from horizontal to vertical.
  • Variety of readout devices available.
  • Reverse the top‐plate to change from I.D. to O.D. measurement.
  • Supplied with JW‐9 Jaws.

Technical Data:


"V" Plate

Capacity I.D.:

.812 ‐ 4.625" (21 ‐ 117 mm)

Capacity O.D.:

.312 ‐ 5 mm" (21 ‐ 117 mm)

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More Information
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