Mahr Digital Indicator MarCator 1086 R - 6 - 12.5mm

The new Digital Indicator MarCator 1086 R. With the large display and the integrated tolerance function, your measurement results are clearly visual.

Error free operation

Lock Function: This prevents unintentional activation of an operating button. Either all the operating buttons or only certain individual buttons can be locked. If a locked operating buttonid pressed the "LOC" symbol will appear in the display.

Clear Display

Tolerance indication with the displayed value

Displayed is the actual measured value and the tolerance zone position.

Tolerance indication without the value in the display. In and Out of tolerance will be indicated in the display as a symbol.

IP Protection class IP54 (optional)

  • Protection cap is sealed
  • Rubber bellows for the measuring spindle
  • Sealed battery compartment
Mahr Digital Indicator MarCator 1086 R - 6 - 12.5mm