Mahr Digital Indicator MarCator 1086 R - 6 - 12.5mm

The new Digital Indicator MarCator 1086 R. With the large display and the integrated tolerance function, your measurement results are clearly visual.

Error free operation

Lock Function: This prevents unintentional activation of an operating button. Either all the operating buttons or only certain individual buttons can be locked. If a locked operating buttonid pressed the "LOC" symbol will appear in the display.

Clear Display

Tolerance indication with the displayed value

Displayed is the actual measured value and the tolerance zone position.

Tolerance indication without the value in the display. In and Out of tolerance will be indicated in the display as a symbol.

IP Protection class IP54 (optional)

  • Protection cap is sealed
  • Rubber bellows for the measuring spindle
  • Sealed battery compartment
SKU Description Measuring Range mm / (inch) Ring Gages Number of Measuring Heads Each
TC4487760P Mahr Digital Indicator MarCator 1086 R - 6 - 12.5 mm 6 - 12.5 / (.25 - 5")8/103
TC4487761P Mahr Digital Indicator MarCator 1086 R - 12.5 - 25mm 12.5 - 25 / (.5 - 1")16/203
TC4487762P Mahr Digital Indicator MarCator 1086 R - 25 - 50mm 25 - 50 / (1 - 2")30/404
TC4487763P Mahr Digital Indicator MarCator 1086 R - 50 - 100mm 50 - 100 / (2-4")60/854
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Additional Info

Universal Data-Interface

  • Mahr Digital Indicator MarCator 1086 R - 6 - 12.5mmUSB: No interface box is required! Simple and inexpensive way to set up multiple measuring instruments via a USB hub.
  • Mahr Digital Indicator MarCator 1086 R - 6 - 12.5mm Digimatic: To connect a Digimatic compatible evaluation instrument
  • Mahr Digital Indicator MarCator 1086 R - 6 - 12.5mmMahr Opto RS232C: For direct connection to a COM port on a PC

Absolute Function: Digital Indicator can be set in any position to 0.000 without losing the reference to the preset value.

*Supplied with: 1 Basic Instrument 844 Ag, Measuring Heads 44 Ak, case and ring gages

* Indicator is not taken into consideration, over the full length of the anvils
** With the extension 44 Av
***Excludes Indicator

Self Centering bore gage kits

Mahr Federal's 844 A Self Centering Pistol style bore gage in kit form provides a versitile set for measuring many of your high precision bore gage applications.

Self -centering measuring head consists of 3 laterally positioned anvils each are offset at intervals of 120°

  • Anvils from 12.5 mm are carbide tipped
  • From 12.5 mm, anvils can be used to measure to the base of a bone
  • From 40 mm all measuring heads are made from aluminum to reduce weight

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