Mahr Digimar Height Measuring and Scribing Instrument 816 CL - 24"


The new Height Measuring Instrument Digimar 816 CL. You want to obtain highly accurate measurement results without any complicated procedures? With the Digimar 816 CL you have the perfect partner for simple and accurate measurements both in the workshop or on the production line, just as you expect from Mahr!

  • Well‐appointed functions keys, the function keys are clearly defined with a function symbol
  • All standard functions can be directly executed by pressing just one key
  • Temperature compensation with an integrated temperature sensor
  • Versatile: Digimar 816 CL offers numerous practical measuring and evaluation functions
  • The Teach‐In measuring program enables small serial measurements can be automated thus reducing time and costs

Measuring System

  • Excellent accuracty and reliability due to the optical incremental measurement system with the double reader head
  • Dynamic probing system enabling high repeatability
  • Air bearings system for light and smooth movement
  • Motorized measuring carriage simplifies measurement runs
  • Temperature compensation with an instrument is switched off
  • Integrated rechargeable battery with a long time for mains independent measurement

Operating and display unit

  • Easy to read background lit graphic LCD‐Display
  • Large and clearly defined function keys
  • Operator guidance with self‐explanatory icons / pictograms
  • Possible to set additional zero points on a work piece
  • Memory can store up to 99 measured values
  • MarConnect data output, select either:
    • USB
    • OPTO RS232C

Supplied with:

  • Height Measuring Instrument incl. operating and display unit
  • Carrier 817h1
  • Probe K6/51
  • Setting block 817 eb
  • Operating instructions
  • Mains power adapter