Mahr μMaxμm® II Digital Comparitor - Standard

  • Inch/Metric ‐ operator selectable with switchable resolution.
  • Normal / Reverse Sensing
  • Preset capabilities to view actual size
  • "Absolute" Transducer ‐ no overspeed errors or consistent rezeroing. Transducer always remembers it's location, even if power is off.
  • High resolution digital readout and analog bar graph ‐ digital display shows deviation from zero or actual dimension size (Preset)
  • Lightweight, contamination resistant ‐ ruggedly built to withstand hard use ‐ gasketed case, crystal and stem assemblies resist fluid contamination
  • Calibratable ‐ if ever needed ‐ values remembered even after battery change.
  • Marconnect data output: USB, OPTO, RS323C, Digimatic
  • Auto‐power down ‐ provides extremely low battery comsumption, assuring long life from readily available commercial batteries.
  • Increased resolution (0.0002mm / 10Uinch) for todays demanding tolerances
  • Unilateral tolerances
  • Go/NoGo Display Feature