Machinery's Handbook Collector's Edition: 1914 First Edition Replica


Recalling the unique and storied history of the role of Machinery's Handbook throughout this last century, the Machinery’s Handbook Collector's Edition has been issued to honor and celebrate the 125th anniversary of Industrial Press. This 1,400‐page hardcover edition is an excellent gift for any machinist or aspiring student.

This artifact is the book that helped to accelerate the industrial revolution by capturing crucial standards, specifications and methods in manufacturing and machine design and development. This book is manufacturing leadership.

This edition is a hefty 2,900 pages and continues the tradition as the world‐renowned reference known as "The Bible" of metalworking and mechanical science. Industrial Press editors have endlessly compiled new standards and fresh content for publications approximately every 3‐5 years. This latest edition includes the most comprehensive and up‐to‐date information with practical technical information and standards that are incredibly valuable to anyone in the industry.