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M3 Windows 7 based Touch Screen Computer with Metrology software
for Video Measuring Systems with video edge detection at the touch of a finger.

The fastest, easiest to use software available on the market today.

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M3 Windows 7 Based Touch Screen Metrology Software For Video Measuring Systems and Optical Comparators

  • Designed for Multi‐Touch software control: In addition to conventional mouse interface, the expanded Multi‐Touch logic allows for versatile pan and zoom of both live video feeds and active part view with a pinch, swipe, or press.
  • Advanced probe toolbox: A selection from four varying probe types ensures successful capture of part characteristics. The custom EyeMeasure™ probe ensures capture of complex edges. This custom created video probe is generated according to the finger path drawn on your touch screen enabled system. The Measure Logic™ probes intelligent design provides an instant feature determination and measurement with a single click or press. The Vtouch™ probe provides industry first video touch probe functionality, with simple acquisition of points on a feature’s edge, just a press or click away.
  • Graphics‐based "Part View" constructions: Generate popular construction types, like Distances and Tangent Lines, from within the graphical part view itself. The "Gesture Menu" can be used within the part view to provide access to "on the fly" feature creation and manipulation tools.
  • Quick Annotate: Gain access to instant feature markup tools using the part view "Gesture Menu". Add customized feature data on the fly displaying only the desired coefficients. Annotate one or several features simultaneously with smart marquee feature selection.
  • Industry‐leading support for additional tolerance conventions: Tolerances can be applied in the standard feature to feature fashion, or by using a more traditional "place tolerancing" system. Engineering drawings may indicate that all features reported to 2 significant digits will get one tolerance value, where all features reported to 3 digits will get another. The M3 software allows for the entry and application of universal tolerance values according to these feature resolution groupings.
  • Feature Detail Graphics: Individual feature views provide informative drawings displaying point cloud distributions, as well as nominal deviations, and tolerance results. Scroll through your measured features list from this view for a feature by feature display of Actual, Nominal, Tolerance, Deviation and Data Fit Type information.
  • Support for all current industry standard software methodologies for Stage and Camera calibration: Simple machine/camera calibration can be achieved using popular machine and video correction methods. (LEC, SLEC, NLEC, Orthogonality, Pixel Size, Camera Skew, Field of View).
  • Industry leading Operating System platform: The Windows® 7 operating system represents the current enterprise solution for personal computer based software operating systems. You gain the performance and reliability of a globally recognized software solution as part of your measuring machine package.
  • Additional Windows based functionality: Other Windows functionality may also be utilized to meet and address specific application requirements. Flexibility in exporting data, printing reports and interfacing to third party windows applications will be enhanced under this widely supported operating system.

The M3 includes the following:

A Gateway all in one 23" flat touch screen computer with Windows 7, the M3 software built in, keyboard and mouse ‐ all ready to go.