Inch Feeler Gauge Set - Style FG - 22 Blades - 1/2"W - 3"L

Technical Info

This carbon steel gage set has blades with .002″ step ground on the tip for Go/No-Go use.

22 blades, 1/2″ wide and 3″ long with .002 deep by 5/8″ step ground at tip.

Thickness (in inches) .004-.006, .005-.007, .006-.008,.007-.009, .008-.010, .009-.011, .010-.012, .011-.013, .012-.014,.013-.015, .014-.016, .015-.017, .016-.018, .017-.019, .018-.020,.019-.021, .020-.022, .021-.023, .022-.024, .023-.025, .024-.026, .025-.027

All feeler gage sets feature a metal holder to protect the blades when not in use and consist of many popular styles and sizes. The user can "fan" out the blades for easy selection, and then return the unused gauges back into the holder. The screw and locknut can be tightened to secure the blades in working position. For easy identification, each blade is permanently marked with the blade thickness. All gauges have smooth rounded edges and ends for comfort and safety.

Our steel blades are made of the finest quality high carbon steel that has been hardened and tempered for superior wear resistance. Our stainless steel blades are made of fully hardened and polished 300 series stainless steel noted for its outstanding resistance to corrosion. Both metals provide stable and dependable accuracy.

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