In-House Precision Gage Calibration System- MIC TRAC™ 4000 Series

The MIC TRAC™ Calibration System is an electronic, adjustable measurement center that inspects ring and plug gages, presets indicator style gages, and calibrates a variety of hand-held inspection gages.

The MT-4000 measurement system includes the base unit, which houses 2 precision optical scales. These glass scales give the MT-4000 systems a precision measuring capability with accuracies to .00002”. The base unit includes receiver pads and anvils that are manufactured and precision ground to within .00001” to provide parallel surfaces for measuring. The MT-4000 also contains a weight system that supplies the necessary measuring forces to meet national standards.

Several models of the MT-4000 are available. The standard MT-4000 includes a desktop computer containing digital readout software, CERTIFI. Other packages includes the digital readout software and two more functions in the software that provide very powerful tools to inspect parts, calibrate gages and track gages. The functions consist of a computerized digital readout , calibration report writer and a database for tracking gage information.

For gage calibration, the MIC TRAC™ measurement system can include the CAL-PAK, as an option. CAL-PAK is an assortment of fixtures that attach to the base unit for holding gages securely during the calibration process. Proper positioning of the gage improves the accuracy of the calibration and provides more consistent results.

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Available In-House Precision Gage Calibration System- MIC TRAC™ 4000 Series

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