High Carbon Steel Feeler Blades - Style FB

Widely used by many industries as gauges to precisely measure clearances and as shims to accurately set spacing, our standard feeler gauge is conveniently available in 6" and 12" strips, and 25' coils. Our steel blades are made of the highest quality carbon steel. All blades are permanently marked with the thickness for easy identification.

Each 1/2" wide blade is enclosed in a blue vinyl sleeve and packed 12 blades per carton. Our cartons are made of a tough polypropylene and are marked with the material type and thickness.

6" Blades
Come with a 3/16" diameter hole centered 1/4" from one end.

12" Blades
Do not have holes, so both ends can be used.

* Feeler Gauge (Eastern Industries) products have a $50.00 minimum per item.

.001" High Carbon Steel Feeler Gauge Blades