Harvey's Electrical Code Field Guide


Methodically updated for the 2005 NEC, this useful text provides a solution to the everyday problems a trade person may encounter in the field. This encompasses a to the point presentation of the subject’s elementary formulas, tables and charts. Structured around the basic NEC code topics, this text contains simple, clear illustrations to intensify, elucidate and abridge the concepts discussed. It is the perfect guide for anyone who needs a quick and painless on‐the‐job review.


  • Completely updated to the 2005 NEC.
  • Distinctive organization that encompasses a simple table of contents and logical units organized around the broad NEC categories.
  • Includes an easy‐to‐read section of terms with definitions, color codes and symbols.
  • Contains easy‐to‐read, simplified tables.
  • Enables the reader to find formulas quickly.