Gear Measuring Wires - Alternate Series (1.68" P)

Thread measuring wires are the most universally recognized method of measuring pitch diameter on threaded gages, threaded parts and taps. Thread Check Inc. offers a full range of thread measuring wires in inches, metric, Acme and special sizes traceable to NIST which meet or exceed ANSI/ASME B1.2 and ASME B89.1.17‐2001. Thread Check's gear measuring wires are used as a quick means to check the tooth thickness of gears at the pitch diameter. It is far more accurate than using gear tooth vernier calipers. Thread Check's gear measuring wires are made by the same methods and to the same high quality as our thread measuring wires.

Gear Measuring Wires - .840" Wire Diameter - Alternate Series (1.68" P)