Failure Mapping


This book is designed to be easy‐to‐read and a perfect tool for busy individuals.   This unique text provides an introduction to the new concept of Failure Mapping by comparing archetypal functions in an organization that enjoys the benefits of Failure Mapping to one that does not. Through the use of helpful examples, it conveys how those in different roles can have their effectiveness improved with access to historical Failure Maps that describe past failures. While few of these concepts are brand new, the approach used ties established concepts together in a new and all‐inclusive manner. This resource describes the process used to create Failure Maps that connect Malfunction Reports (Function ‐ Behavior) with Failure Modes (Component ‐ Condition) to assist users in clearly understanding the most likely final disposition based on the initial report and statistics which are produced by past experience. This text will be especially useful to apprentice Reliability Engineers, Maintenance and Reliability Managers, Engineering Managers, Plant and Corporate Senior Staff and Executives who are looking for methods of performance enhancement, as well as Consultants who may want to augment their work portfolio with the benefits provided by this tool.


  • This describes the issues that are particularly important to creating Failure Maps that are responsible for recording failure histories in a way that produces records for future reference.
  • This book explains how Failure Maps can be utilized in order to improve reliability by identifying at‐work Failure Mechanisms.
  • Details on how Failure Maps are included and can be used to improve dependability by identifying defects before failures are able occur.
  • This useful text describes how Failure Maps can be used to increase the efficiency of the diagnostic and troubleshooting process.
  • This will explain how to use Failure Mapping as a tool to improve the efficacy of "triage" as a part of failure response in high‐volume activities.
  • This book includes several forms that are found to be helpful for recording Failure Maps and creating reports.
  • It provides readers with the tools needed to develop and set up their own Failure Mapping program.
  • This will offer both new and veteran plant and shop workers with a tool they can use to create and enhance their understanding of Failure Mapping, the various roles in a Failure Mapping organization and the steps for implementing a successful Failure Mapping process.
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