Effective Maintenance Management (CD-ROM in PDF)


Effective Maintenance Management has the profundity and content to assist maintenance organizations in vastly improving their dependability. This comprehensively updated second edition text provides clear underlying principles and comprehensive procedures for industry maintenance. The author provides a unique guide, written in clear prose that practicing maintenance engineers, supervisors and managers can easily absorb, digest and apply.

Effective Maintenance Management delivers 12 chapters in 300 pages in this hardcover volume. Narayan examines the role of maintenance as a methodology for minimizing risk related to safety and environmental concerns in industry. Also examined is adverse publicity from maintenance‐preventable accidents, loss of profitability and maintenance‐centric tools for risk reduction. The author makes use of specific situational descriptions in order to help readers select those tools as they fit the need.

In the maintenance industry, gaps can appear between industrial engineering for production, dependability and plant maintenance. Effective Maintenance Management works to bridge those gaps. The result enables production‐oriented businesses to maximize assets while achieving security and productivity.

Effective Maintenance Management Features

  • Effective Maintenance Management Features provide a risk‐reduction model which links maintenance to specific risks.
  • This book will permit readers to establish the critical link between maintenance and safety, profitability, and asset life.
  • This text examines the risks faced during the lifecycle of a process plant.
  • This discusses the detriment caused by plant shutdowns, high costs and high downtime maintenance activities
  • Provides an in‐depth look at qualitative and quantitative maintenance management risks.
  • Includes a table of codes that can be used in most systems.
  • This text keeps mathematics to a minimum.
  • This includes chapter previews and summaries, a list of acronyms, and a glossary of terms for the reader’s reference and benefit.

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Please Note: At this time, the CD‐ROM version is not compatible with smart phones and tablets including the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and/or ebook readers such as Kindle, Nook or the Sony Wi‐Fi E‐Reader.