Mitutoyo - Disk Micrometers Non-Rotating Spindle Series 369


The disk micrometer is designed to easily measure root tangent length of spur gears and helical gears.
Non‐rotating spindle eliminates torque on workpiece.
With standard bar except 0‐15mm, 0 ‐.6", 0‐25mm, 0‐1", 0‐300mm & 0‐1.2" model
Speedy spindle feed of 10mm/rev. (Quickmike type).
Diameter of measuring disk: 20mm/.787"
With ratchet stop for constant force.With SPC output (Series 369)
Supplied in fitted plastic case.


Origin‐set,Zero‐setting, data hold, data output, inch/mm conversion (inch/mm models) Alarm: low voltage, Counting value composition error.

0-25mm Disk Micrometers Non-Rotating Spindle Type