Developing Performance Indicators for Managing Maintenance, Second Edition (CD-ROM in PDF)


Please note: this is a CD‐only version of this book.

Developing Performance Indicators for Managing Maintenance  is designed to provide the key details on how to measure and improve equipment or asset maintenance management. As one of only a small selection of thorough collections of performance indicators for managing maintenance currently available, this text sets itself apart by its use of methods based on a variety of management measurement systems, such as the Balanced Scorecard approach. The first edition primarily concentrated on the basic indicators for managing maintenance and how to link them to a company’s financials.   This new edition goes further by addressing recent advancements in the management of maintenance. This text is an important tool for any company that wants to efficiently measure and run the entire gamut of maintenance activities to achieve a distinct competitive advantage. Maintenance is a way to reduce costs of producing products or providing services.   This book is meant to help to lower prices, improve profit margins, and improve shareholder value through cost advantage tactics.


  • Conveys methods of maximizing your investment in the maintenance function and ultimately your company's assets by helping you focus on precise indicators.
  • Connects regular functional maintenance indicators to a company's specific strategic indicators.
  • Explains how to advance low‐performing indicators.
  • Includes a detailed table of contents that helps you rapidly and easily find particular indicators, plus this offers a separate a glossary of maintenance terms.

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