Design for Reliability


None of the Design for Reliability (DFR) books that are currently available properly address this process from the owner’s (or buyer’s) point of view. Instead, they approach DFR strictly from the seller’s (or manufacturer’s) viewpoint. Consequently, few assets are designed and developed with the intent of meeting the future owner’s needs for dependability, accessibility, and maintainability over the life of the specific asset. In this pioneering new text, Dan Daley intends to correct this imbalance. Daley achieves this by providing owners with the tools they need to ensure that their requirements (and not just the seller’s) are followed when developing valuable new assets.

This text can be an invaluable guide to those who are involved in the creation or purchase of new assets. It can assist owners in taking the necessary steps to obtain what they need, and will help sellers deliver goods that owners desire.


  • Explains how to appropriately incorporate DFR activities with conventional design activities.
  • Provides a simple system to ensure DFR activities are completed within the correct timeframe.
  • Provides spreadsheets and forms for the portrayal of design results in a clear, concise and readily usable format.
  • Includes the tables and forms needed to support the design processes and procedures presented in each chapter.
  • Includes appendices that offer an example specification that owners can modify when procuring a new asset. It also presents example tables which are quite helpful for assessing how well the DFR process has met the owner’s needs.