Class ZZ Pin Gage Assemblies - Steel - Metric

Thread Check Inc. offers a complete line of Vermont Class ZZ plain pin gage assemblies certified to ISO 9002 and traceable to NIST. Class ZZ plain gage assemblies are economically priced and readily available. These assemblies are a great Go/No Go inspection tool. All pin gage assemblies are supplied with a reversible style red and green handle to easily identify the go and no go members. If the go side fits in the hole and the no go doesn’t, then your part passes inspection. Each assembly includes 1 line ( up to 15 characters ) of custom marking. Class ZZ plain pin gage assemblies provide quick and accurate measurements of hole sizes. These pin gages can be used to gage slot widths and check locations. They can be used to set snap gages and size in micrometers. Class ZZ plain pin gage assemblies are offered in a wide range from .006” ‐ 1.0005” and in metric from .20mm to 25.49mm. They are available in plus and minus tolerances of .0002” or .005mm. All class ZZ pin gages are 2.0” in length and made of 52100 tool steel. They have a 10 micro inch surface finish and are round within .0001”.All class ZZ pin gages over .060” are marked with size and direction of tolerance. Check out Vermont class ZZ Black Guard ™ plain pin gages, which are specially treated with black oxide coating which penetrates the pin gage .000040” ‐ .000060” deep and acts as a visible wear indicator. The Black Guard™ also prevents rust and corrosion which extends the useful life of the gage. Class ZZ plain pin gages are a must for anyone making frequent and varied measurements.

* ZZ Pin Gage (Vermont Gage) products have a $35.00 minimum per item.

Class ZZ Plus Steel Double End Assembly - .20mm-1.29mm