Buttress Runout Gages

For buttress connections to be compliant under the 16th edition of the API 5B, thread run-out inspection is required.

When inspecting buttress run-out with a Gagemaker BR-2001, inspectors often question where to place the contact point on the thread. Now, the new API 5B Section specifies the location of the inspection point.

When the thread path terminates/vanishes after the triangle make-up stamp, place the contact point at the apex of the triangle.

When the thread path terminates before or within the triangle make-up stamp, place the contact at the thread’s termination point.

Thread runout is the measurement of the abruptness with which the buttress thread is terminated at the triangle end of the thread. A rapid pull-out of the cutting tool results in steep slope at the end of the thread. This causes high stress at the contact point when the coupling is made-up. Buttress runout gages ensure proper thread pullout on runout type threads. Gagemaker buttress runout gages (BR-2000 Series) have standard 1″ and 2″ point spacing. Includes one contact point (TBR) and shoes. Gage includes two shoes and one TBR contact point.

Thread Check has a team of technical experts that are ready to help you with all your gauging and measurement requirements. Contact us via email at info@threadcheck.com or call us at 800 767 7633.

SKU Description Range Thread Form Each
BRS-2001 Gagemaker - Replacement Shoes (Set of 2) --
BRB-2001 Gagemaker - Base for Buttress Runout Gage --
BR-2001-USS Gagemaker - Buttress Runout Gage for USS Improved Buttress All SizesUSS Improved Buttress
BR-2001 Gagemaker - Buttress Runout Gage All SizesButtress
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