Countersink Gages


The BARCOR COUNTERSINK GAGE is a precision instrument designed specifically to measure the top (major) countersink diameter. Simply press the spring loaded, exact angle Gaging Plunger into the countersink and read the dial directly in .002" or 05mm diameter increments on the dial face or optional digital indicator.

The COUNTERSINK GAGE is a direct reading gage. It reads the dimension as specified on your print. This gage gives you fast, accurate, and repeatable readings. The COUNTERSINK GAGE is simple to use with little or no experience.


  • 84 Models (42 English/42 Metric) provide a diameter range from .020" (.50mm) to 1.180" (30.00mm) for 30°. 60°, 82°, 90°, 100°, 110°, and 120° countersink angles.
  • Special angles such as 15°, 78°, 127°, 130°, 160° or ANY other angle from 0° to 180° can be furnished upon request.
  • Full-round, conically ground, exact (dedicated) angle Gaging Plunger instantly alerts operator of incorrect countersink angle.
  • Base Plate of all gages designed for use on any flat, concave, or convex surface.
  • "Peak Hold" mechanism, standard on all Models, allows for one-hand operation.
  • Every gage furnished with a functionally calibrated Setting Ring and a foam lined Storage Case with complete Operating Instructions.
  • Optional Solid Carbide Gaging Plunger, with Lifetime wear guarantee, available on all Models.
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