AutoCAD Pocket Reference, Fifth Edition


The AutoCAD Pocket Reference, Fifth Edition, is a 300 page softcover guide. It is an obligatory and versatile text that should be considered for all users of AutoCAD.

In the AutoCAD Pocket Reference, Shrock provides easy access to the crucial and essential commands, concepts, and "how to" content for everyday AutoCAD usage. This book is divided into 12 categories. It acts like an expert's cheat sheet, but much better.  AutoCAD Pocket Reference is idyllic for modern practitioners in the field. It is also an excellent resource for students, teachers and AutoCAD users on the go. This reference text provides a swift and simple refresh for occasional or everyday use. This pocket reference does not substitute for introductory or advanced AutoCAD textbooks, but rather, acts as a supplement. Place a copy by your AutoCAD workstation and be sure to keep a copy with your mobile computing device as well.

To learn AutoCAD quickly and easily, you'll want to obtain IP's Beginning AutoCAD 2012 Exercise Workbook. More experienced users should choose the Advanced AutoCAD 2012 Exercise Workbook. Both are by the same author. Also available are Shrock's exercise workbooks for prior versions of AutoCAD.