AutoCAD Pocket Reference, 4th Edition

AutoCAD Pocket Reference is both a vital aid and practical reference. It provides easy access to all the important primary commands, concepts, and includes "How to" information for the everyday use of AutoCAD. It's perfect for students, teachers, and all AutoCAD users who are on the go and need an occasional reminder on how to use a command. This pocket reference is not intended to be a substitute for an introductory textbook, but rather a supplemental text. To learn AutoCAD quickly and easily, it is recommended to obtain a copy of Beginning AutoCAD Exercise Workbook by the same author.


  • You need assistance in using the right commands on the job or in the classroom.You need a compact reference guide that can be taken almost anywhere.
  • You want a reference text that allows you to locate what you need quickly and easily.
  • You need a reference that includes all basic AutoCAD commands and concepts.
  • You are using AutoCAD release version 2009 or later.
AutoCAD Pocket Reference, 4th Edition