Asset Data Integrity Is Serious Business


If you don’t have dependable asset data, then you have enormous potential that has been locked away. To unlock this, you need to understand the extent of the problem as well as the value of solving it. A viable business case for action is needed to convey this, so let's begin!

Physical asset data integrity is a critical aspect of every business ‐ in fact it’s often the most precious asset on the balance sheet ‐ and yet it is often overlooked. Asset data collectively creates information, provides accurate analysis and facilitates sound business decisions. Without precision, there is a strong potential for poor decision‐making and the negative consequences that go along with it. This book will not only provide an appreciation of this fact, it will also provide a road map to achieving value out of something most CEOs, managers and workers often fail to notice. Indeed, Asset Data Integrity is Serious Business.


  • This book relies on the authors' decades of authentic experience and hands‐on expertise.
  • It includes an assessment tool which enables the reader to easily recognize areas of improvement once a problem is detected.
  • This book features valuable and practical "how to" information.
  • Asset Data Integrity Is Serious Business focuses on the entire management spectrum, allowing all parties to see the value of data integrity within the framework of their own responsibilities.