The Art of Welding


Unique and original, The Art of Welding improves upon the shortcomings of other titles by providing inclusive, in‐depth coverage of the equipment and techniques used in the most popular welding processes such as oxyacetylene, stick welding, MIG welding and TIG welding.  This text presents information through the use of an easy‐to‐follow design.  Each chapter contains the pros and cons of its respective welding process topic as well as information on equipment, setup, materials, safety and welding techniques.   This text is great for anyone who wants to learn welding, to make repairs or as part of a hobby.  Even experienced welders will discover many tips and procedures to improve their welding technique.  

The book presents the accumulated experience and knowledge of two welding professionals; offers in‐depth information about all popular welding processes, step‐by‐step photos and an engaging design that will appeal to do‐it‐yourselfers and hobbyist who want a solid background in welding; provides tips on approaching the job in a safe manner for each welding process; contains troubleshooting guides.