ANSI / ASME Thread Gages

As an authorized distributor for Gagemaker, Thread Check Inc. has the technical expertise and quality service to provide the right thread gage for your application.

Accuracy and consistency are critical factors to consider when measuring threaded parts to ensure that they meet the engineering specification. Gagemaker’s Thread Diameter Measurement Gages accurately inspect both functional and pitch diameter utilizing precision ground thread rolls and contact points. The gages provide certain advantages over thread plug and ring gages as they offer precise variable inspection data.

Both types of gages are extremely versatile and can measure a range of diameters.The gages can measure from 5/8 up to 24 inches in diameter. Both thread rolls and contact points are available in a wide range of sizes for and for different thread forms.

The Thread Diameter Measurement Gages must be preset to a nominal predetermined dimension before inspecting parts. Gagemaker's Thread Disk for Windows software quickly calculates the setting dimensions after entry of some basic thread information.

Gagemaker’s Thread Diameter instrument does not require costly ground thread setting masters. Thread Diameter Gages are easily preset using gage blocks, micrometers, or Gagemaker's MIC TRAC measurement center.

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