Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 5th Edition


The updated, expanded, and extremely comprehensive Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 5th Edition, is a best‐selling reference that channels its strength as your own personal tutor. It allows readers to proceed at their own rate, and any difficulties encountered are resolved before they move on to the next topic. With a step‐by‐step programmed approach that is complemented by a multitude of examples and exercises, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 5th Edition is ideal as an on‐the‐job reference for professionals or even as an effective self‐study guide for students.


This text utilizes a unique method‐oriented approach that takes the reader through each topic step‐by‐step. It features a vast amount of worked examples and progressively more challenging exercises, stacked on each other based upon the users’ progression. This book contains Test Exercises, Learning Outcomes, Further Problems, and Can You? checklists to guide and enhance learning and comprehension. The expanded coverage of this 5th Edition includes new chapters on Z Transforms, Fourier Transforms, Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations and more Complex Numbers. Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 5th Edition includes a new chapter, Introduction to Invariant Linear Systems, and new material on difference equations integrated into the Z transforms chapter.

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