Mitutoyo - Absolute Digimatic Micrometers w/adjustable measuring force - Series 227


Constant and low measuring force mechanism in the thimble. Adjustable measuring force* accommodates various kind work materials. *0.5‐2.5N or 2‐10N. The measurement‐value hold function automatically retains the data at a specified measuring force, ensuring accuracy. Non‐rotating spindle and the new ratchet friction thimble. Speedy spindle feed of 10mm/rev. and 4"/rev for inch/metric model. With absolute linear scale. With SPC data output. With a standard bar to set the origin point (for models with 15‐30mm / .6" ‐ 1.2" range). Supplied in fitted plastic case.


Origin‐set, Power ON/OFF, Data hold, Data output, Preset (15‐30mm / .6 ‐ 1.2" range model), inch/mm conversion (inch/mm models) Alarm: Low voltage, Counting value composition error.

0 - .6" / 0-15mm Absolute Digimatic Micrometer with Constant & Adjustable Fine loading Device. 0.5N - 2.5N Adjustable measuring force.