Library Sets — Metric Holders only

Thread Check, Inc. offers library sets of the three wire thread measuring system for fast and accurate thread measurement on a variety of measuring instruments. Thread Check's specially designed holders and wires make thread measurement fast and accurate. Our thread measuring holders are available without wires for companies that have their own certified thread measuring wires. Wire can be easily installed into the holders. Thread Check Inc. can install your existing wires into new holders free of charge. Metric holder library sets are available in a full library set that includes .2mm to 4.0mm pitch sizes. The partial library set includes .3mm to 3.5mm pitch sizes. Both library sets are supplied in wooden cases for convenient access.

Thread Check's three wire thread measuring system can be used in a wide range of applications including certifying thread plug gages and set plugs and monitoring and controlling pitch diameter during thread fabrication. Thread Check’s holders are precision made to predetermined thread pitches. Thread measuring holders are available in a wide range of inch, metric, and Acme sizes. Thread Check’s engineering department can design wire holders for multiple start threads, helical gears, worms, and other special thread measurement applications. Custom library sets are priced on request.

.2-4.0mm Pitch Full Library for Mahr 828 Universal - Holders only 24 sizes