Thread Gages

Thread Check Inc. manufactures a complete line of thread gages, thread gauges and related products. Thread gages are used to measure screw threads and calibrate gages. We offer thread plug gages and ring gages, tapered pipe thread gages, straight pipe thread gauges, API gages, 3-Wire thread measuring systems, tri roll thread comparators, British thread gauges, thread work plugs, and special thread gauges including Acme, buttress thread gages, and custom thread gages.

All thread gages are AGD - American Gage Designed. All thread gauges are manufactured with gage blanks per ASME/ANSI B47.1.

Thread plug gages are available in reversible design, taperlock design, and trilock design.

Reversible thread plug gages are available in thread sizes up to ¾ of an inch. Reversible thread gage members can be reversed in the collet when one side wears thus providing longer gage wear resistance. These thread plug gauges are fitted in color coded green and red handles for easy identification.

Taperlock thread plug gages are available in thread sizes up to 1 ½ inches in diameter. These thread plug gauges are less expensive than reversible thread plug gauges. Taperlock thread gauges are considered the most popular style.

Trilock style thread plug gauges are available from ¾ of an inch up to 16.00 inches and larger. These thread gauges are attached to handles with a threaded bolt thru the center of the gage. They are reversible for longer gage wear life. Trilock thread gages can be supplied in a single end assembly for larger sizes to reduce weight.