S-T Industries

Thread Check Inc is proud to be an authorized distributor for S-T Industries. SCHERR-TUMICO S-T INDUSTRIES has been manufacturing measuring instruments in the United States for over 60 year. S-T Industries introduced the tubular frame micrometer in the early 1940's. They premiered the Model 1500 vertical beam optical comparator in the 1950's and the Model 2500 30" optical comparator in the 1960's. Since 1983, S-T Industries, Inc. has expanded the product lines to include a full range of precision hand measuring tools, optical comparators and video inspection systems.

SCHERR-TUMICO optical comparators and video inspection systems are engineered to provide the best value on your investment in the industry. S-T Industries offers a complete range of systems from small economical machines to large CNC measuring systems. S-T Industries can modify and customize existing systems to meet your specific requirements. All Optical Comparators and Video Vision Systems include 2 years warranty on parts and labor, installation and training at your facility, and a certificate traceable to NIST. There are no additional hidden costs for this service. All their optical comparators and video inspection systems are proudly made in the USA.

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