Mitutoyo Gage Blocks

Thread Check Inc. provides a wide selection of Mitutoyo gage blocks in ceramic (CERA) or steel options. Our inventory of Mitutoyo gage blocks are also available in square or rectangular options, as well as metric or inch options. Gage Blocks are capable of accurately performing a wide range of application measurements. All Mitutoyo gage blocks have there own serial number and Certificate of Authenticity.

Mitutoyo gage blocks contain laser inscribed characters which enable you to easily read the sizes. CERA and steel Mitutoyo gage blocks can also be used together. Additional features of CERA Mitutoyo gage blocks are that they are resistant to corrosion and abrasions, and will be able to maintain the same dimensions over time.

Custom gage blocks are priced on request. Contact Thread Check’s knowledgeable sales engineering staff for any questions or assistance regarding gage blocks.