Feeler Gauges

Thread Check Inc. is a leading distributor of Eastern Industries feeler gauges which are manufactured in the USA and are competitively priced. We supply a diverse group of customers in industries such as aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, petroleum, electronics, medical and mechanical contracting. Our inventory of high quality, precision products are made of the finest, high-grade materials and include High Carbon Steel Feeler Gauges, Feeler Gauge Coils, Heavy Thickness Feeler Gauges, Metric Taper Gauges, Feeler Gauge Sets, Custom Made Feeler Gauges.

Thread Check's knowledgeable customer service department and product engineers will help you find the right feeler gauge for your application and aid you in completing your tasks more efficiently and productively. Contact us or browse our online catalog for the feeler gauge you require for your application. Feel free to Contact our knowledgeable sales engineering staff for any questions or assistance regarding our selection of feeler gauges.